Dedicated software developers

We place high performing & certified remote software engineers in growing companies, so you can spend less time interviewing and more time focussing on your project

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Our developers work with the following technologies every day
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1. Gather requirements

We work with you to identify your technical needs and requirements for your business so that we are able to provide you the best pairing between you and your new developer or developers.

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Initial call

You'll chat with one of our team members about the role that you are hiring for and be able to ask us any questions that you might have

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Confirm requirements

Working with you we'll construct a candidates requirement document that our team can use to cross check candidates

2. Candidate review

We'll put forward a selection of developers and any relevant additional information like availability, start date and a pairing table which shows how each developer matches your requirements

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Review Canditates

We'll chat you through suitable candidates as well as provide you a detailed document on each developer that you are able to hire

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Candidate selection

Once you find a developer that fits, you'll have the possibility to interview, or get the ball rolling on the candidates that meet youre requirements

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3. Time to work

Once the developer has been engaged, we'll take care of all the boring stuff so you can focus on building your business

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The "boring stuff"

Workspace, Payroll, benefits, insurances, currency conversion, leave management & more

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Businesses thrive when they have data. Our developers will track time on all tasks assigned to them

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Looking for a particular skillset?

In order to ensure the quality of the resource that we hire and provide to our clients, we work with a certain number of technologies and platforms.

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Looking to take the next step in your tech career? We are always looking for software engineers that are ready to be challenged and take their next step in their career

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